Agent John Lee Ritter


They pretended to be my friend on Messenger. Every time they spoke to me my friend’s face was attached to it. I believed it was my friend whom I was talking to. I trusted my friend, which made this believable to me. They asked me if I heard the good news about the ongoing social grant? I said no. They said they saw my name on the list and that I should call this phone number 1+314-472-3619.They said they cashed a grant check for $1500.I called it and immediately received a text message from Agent John Lee Ritter. He said I needed to fill out a form by text and then he would send me the claim list. I had to give my full name, email, age,address,etc.He then texted me the claim list and said to claim one. I was back and forth between texting and Messenger asking who I thought was my friend questions about it. They said as soon as I claimed one, they would text me instructions on how to send them the money for what they called a one time fee and case delivery charges.Then Fedex will send me my money cash or check. I asked on Messenger for my friend to call me so I could talk in person. They said they had a sore throat and doctor appointment and couldn’t talk to me. I was able to get a hold of my friend later and talked on the phone.She said that it was not her talking to me on Messenger! I was so mad and upset. I feel very Violated and Used and Abused! I never claimed anything nor sent them any money! Please capture these people and arrest them. They used my friend to make me believe and trust them.

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By Ronald

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