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|| On July 24 2014 Ageiywaa Adjei aka Gifty called me to tell me that she and my husband of five years were in a relationship the entire time Kwaku Dugbatey and I were married. She said that he had fathered seven children and that his new one was with his mother’s best friend. I asked her why was she calling to tell me she said because he was living with her and the new baby mother kept calling asking for support. I told her what do she expect from a married man that she had a secret life with. She began to tell me about the first year of my marriage she said that the girl he said was pregnant by a pastor wad actually pregnant by him. This is the same girl that I sat next to during new year service. I was shocked and devastated. I call Kwaku but he denied it. Agyiewaa then called him three way with her m knowing that I was on the other line. After all of her screaming and crying he admitted to having multiple babies with multiple women. He admitted to fathering his mothers friend and admitted having sex with his mother roommates wife.

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By Ronald

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