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I put down a $200 deposit for passport renewal which they didn’t do and are refusing to give me back my deposit. I called this company towards the end of March in regards to a pass port renewal. I was assured it would get done by July, since I had to go on a trip that month. I went to their office, met with a rep named Jackson and paid a $200. He advised me that I would get a call for fingerprinting soon and my passport would then be renewed. 3 weeks later after no calls, I called the office I spoke with Jackson who apologized and stated that the folks who are supposed to do the fingerprinting aren’t around yet but it will be soon. I advised Jackson to at least call me periodically to update me. About 2 weeks later after no calls, I call Jackson again and he stated they still aren’t around. I again asked to at least get periodic update calls but that never happened. On 8/23, I called and spoke to Owemma (the female rep. Unsure of how to spell her name). I told her I want to come and get my refund and I hope that will not be a problem. She said no. On 8/29, I show up to their office at 9am, and met Owemma. She said she doesn’t do any refunds because her boss is the only one that handles the cash. I advised her when I paid, it was in cash and showed her my receipt. I advised her that her boss wasn’t around then and I don’t see what the problem was. She advised me to come back when her boss was around which I did, around 1:45pm. As fate would have it, the boss was in the office. (His name is Mr. Pete Ade). Owemma took my receipt and went to him and he sent her back out to say that the deposit was non refundable and there was nothing that could be done. I advised Owemma that I didn’t get any service from them and never got a call for any fingerprinting. She insisted that she called everyone on the list. I advised her that I can provide my phone records to show I never got a call. She stated that she is not doubting me but she called everyone on the list. I advised her she did not call me, but this was irrelevant because the bottom-line was I never got any service from them. I also advised her if they noticed a customer had paid and never showed up for fingerprinting, why didn’t they follow up with the customer. Owemma couldn’t answer the question. I left their office and placed a negative review on google and yelp in regards to my experience. The “boss”” thinks I am just going to go away quietly and the already existing reviews online

show that this company has already acted unsavory to other customers.”

11615 Forest Central Drive #106 Dallas, Texas USA


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