African Greys For Sale Review


I contacted this woman( said her name was Johanne) from a website that had african grey parrots for sale. She was real convincing. Said she only had 3 pairs left to sell and they were both good breeders and had lots of babies. I bought two pair. She sent pictures of the birds. She has a phone number in georgia and claieed to be buying very expensive hyacinth macaws ($15,000 each) and needed the room. She had to go to New York to see her son and would take the birds with her as I did not have my aviary ready yet. The birds came in from Hollis New York with a name of Robin and phjone number 203 772 9133 on shipping label. One of the birds had a feather picked neck and was not as pictured. She said the female did that, however both birds were male. I did not know at the time. She also sent me what she said was a great nestbox ( paid for it). When it arrived it had come from Parrots of the World. The next box was repaired very badly. wood nailed on and about 6 nails with the points sticking out an inch or more on the inside. Birds would have injured themselves. She said put some rubber caps on nails. I looked up birds of the world on the internet and called to compain. Seems there are twq with this name and the man said he had heard of her and to run as fast as I could. Found out her name of business is PARROTS OF THE WORLD.LLC. Please dont confuse. | After about two months I contaced her and said I was gooing to have the one pair dna tested. She said why would I do that and stress them out. So I dediced to give them more time. I just had them done and both birds are male. I contaced her again at the number and she said she no longer had birds, tried to deny it but finally said maybe the girl that worked for her got them mixed up. She is supposed to send me a female and I will return the non feather picked male. Told me it had to be Laquardia airport but they were expecting to have a bad storm. I checked the weather and if was fine for a week no storm. I told her I found a straght threw flight but she said it would have to be later as they both worked. Was supposed to contact me this week. I sent a text inquiring and she said she would have her husband (an attorney) contact me. Finally got a call 1/25/18 in the evening and she gave her phone to her husband. Bad connection and he was supposed to call right back. I sent her my landline phone number and have not heard back. | I may not get any compensation back but at least she is reorted for scaming. She also said she worked on wall street. She had been reported here under the phone number 203 772 9133 and on YScam also. | I hope this is helpful for anyone else who might be thinking of buying from her. Just wish I had seen these reports before I spent $7000. for the birds.


Name: African Greys For Sale

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Hollis

Address: 204-17 Hillside Avenue



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By Ronald

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