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My washing machine began to leak, so I called America’s 1st Home Warranty and asked if they could send someone over to look at it. A few days later a man came to see what was wrong with it. When he got here he saw it was a Whirlpool Cabrio. He told me he never worked on this type of machine, but he looked underneath anyway. He said he couldn’t find anything wrong with it, but since he never worked on that type of machine he wasn’t going to charge me for the visit, which was very nice of him. I called AFC and told them of the problem and asked if they could send someone who did work on that brand of washing machines. They told me to look around and find someone in my area who could work on that. I had an issue with AFC in the past (which they didn’t pay anything at all for it) and I told them to send someone themselves, after all, wasn’t that what I paid them to do? They said they would try to find someone. Later on that day I got a call and that person told me she was looking all over the place, and either they were too far from my home to come repair it, and those who were closer would not come for one reason or another. She suggested I should call them myself and see if I could get someone to come, pay them myself and they would reimburse me depending on the work that had to be done. I did not want to do that, because I felt it was their responsibility to pay for the work on the machine themselves. I should only have to pay for the inspection. She gave me a list of numbers she called. I called each one, and they all refused to come unless I paid for it myself. They all said they wouldn’t work on it because they didn’t think AFC would pay them and they would only accept my money. Someone I called finally came (who would also accept only my money for the work), and he looked at it. He told me the machine was completely shot and couldn’t be repaired. I was better off buying a new one. This washing machine was only 8 years old and I paid almost $800.00. I had previous warranty companies and when I had to replace the last machine they gave me $500.00 to replace it. It was like pulling teeth to get just $200.00 for this one, and that’s because AFC was feeling generous. They said they were only obligated to give me $150.00. They said because it was 9 years old (the man I spoke to didn’t seem to know math, because I bought this machine in April of 2009 and it broke down in June of this year), that was all they were going to give me. I gritted my teeth and said okay. I just bought a new one and this one is costing me over $600.00 (and that’s one of the cheaper ones). I will never, ever, ever, ever use this company again once this contract ends. Buyer beware, don’t trust a wolf with sheep’s coating.


Name: AFC Home Club

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Marietta

Address: 2625 Sandy Plains Rd Ste 203

Phone: (866) 242-0629


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By Ronald

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