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Complaint: First of all, let me say this in their defense, I should have gotten approval from them for any out of scope work ahead of time, I did not because I believed there was a mutual respect. I was asked to go for a 10-15 minute job to hook up a cable, they had send me a picture of the specific cable they need me to get, We agreed on a rate for the job (85) and i included the cost of the cable. This job is about a 25 minute drive one way and with time onsite i would spend around an hr worth off time on the job. the rate was my normal hourly rate and i basically threw in the cable for free. Once i arrived on site i concluded that the cable they had requested me to buy was not the correct cable. At this point I should have left and closed and completed the job. Instead, I went to my trunk stock and used 2 cables to splice together a cable that would work for them (mono rca to 3.5″ jack) and I was able to hook up the system and it worked great. at this point I had spend about an hr onsite and i left. about 5 minutes later I get a call

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Address: they wanted me to check on a other issue (not the original scope) and asked me to return. I did (i should have gotten in writing that they would pay for that) i returned and worked an additional 45 minutes and resolved yet another issue by taking a stocked item (4 port switch) When it came time to complete the job they were not willing to pay any for the labor beyond the original price we agreed on

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Phone: even though I worked on something they had requested that was out of the original scope. They would reimburse for parts I left them a message in the work order about how I didn’t agree with it

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