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Heather coleman has been very rude to me lately, I had a brief interview on lat tuesday and I filled out numerous positions and Heather has the nerve to send me to the Civic Center for a server, I’m way more qualified than a server, you can’t tell me that all of the postion I applied for are filled or taken. I also understand that other people might be more qualified than me, but a server, really. If you call them the recepoinist will always say that she’s always on the other line, she;s at lunch,etc. I also understand that she might be busy but, not one is that busy, while during the interview Heather answered her cell phone, and iv’e just had a bad experience with Advantage Staffing, and im not the only one who feels this way. When you email her or try to reach out to her it’s always an exuse. Please contact me regarding this sitiuation at (((phone numbers redacted))) Please get in contact with me asap.

328 Desiard Street Monroe, Louisiana USA


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By Ronald

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