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I ordered a trial of the product, and it did not arrive for 4 days before the “trial”” was up. I paid $4.95 shipping. I did not see the terms of this””trial”” It arrived 4 days before they debited my card an additional &78.81. I called them and they said it started the day I ordered it. I ordered it the 11th

it arrived the 24th. and I am suppose to see if i like it in 4 days before they soaked me $78.81 for 32 pills. nI called and tried to reason with them that this wa robbery

as how can I see if I like it in 4 days? Thye said I should have called before the 14 days. I just was appled at the gall. I have a buiness to run

it never occured to me it started fromt he day I ordered it????? Thye are rip offs and scammers. Stealing money. nI intend to reoprt them to the BBB and the attorney general as this is stealing. Please read all terms and conditions and call befor eyou order anything

I know my days of ordering “”free trails”” are over. Nothing is free.It just adjitates me when I run a good business

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