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Adrain morrison is a Scam And A Dishonest, Heartless Character | I bought EcomAcademy from the scam Adrian Morrison and did not know that he was a lying deceptive theif. I paid $997 for the product and would later pay two additonal payments of $997. He said how his course is great and he teaches facebook tactics and he made over a million dollars. | Well I do not know if any of that is true but this lying cheat had some vidoes that you can hardly sit still to watch because he just keeps rambling on about nothing. His facebook tactics caused me to lose money and I learned nothing from the course. So naturally I asked for my $997 and that is when things got really really ugly. | When I contacted his support that is when I am going to learn for the first time that he has a no refund policy. | This cheat and dishonest Adrian told me that the product had a no refund policy and I would not get my money back. I refused to pay any additional payment and of course he locked me out of the access of course and refused to give me my money back. | If I had known this I would never have bought his course. The crap that he is selling for $3000 is not even worth $300. I just didn’t know anything about him and saw him and thought that he was honest. | This liar pays people to go on his facebook account to say how great he is. he has a weekly webinar where he sells products for $1500 and tell the stupid followers that they are in beta testing and when they roll out they will be for $3000. | If you ever come across this scam artist, this low life ignorant character, please take my advice and run. This is snake oil man in perfection. He is so dishonest and so hearless that the best thing you can do for yourself and for your family is keep away from his snake oil programs that he is selling.


Name: Adrian Morrison

Country: United States

State: Alaska





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By Ronald

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