Adrian DunCombe / PG Consulting LLC is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR , CON ARTIST , SCAMMER , FRAUDSTER and FREE LOADER | My name is David Hjorth. I am the President and Owner of Tesla Energy. I am a lead generator and I produce high quality USA B2C / B2B Live transfers – Inbound Calls and Real Time Posted Leads by AI ( Artificial Intelligence ). I have been in business for over 20 years and I have hundreds of happy clients that love my leads .They would be more than happy to give me glowing references about how I run my business ,my integrity, honesty , morals and ethics. I would be more than happy to share them if anybody wants them. I am writing this report to warn everybody not to do business with Adrian DunCombe / PG Consulting LLC. I don’t want anybody else to get ripped off and scammed by him. Adrian DunCombe / PG Consulting LLC is a Pathological Liar, Con Artist, Scammer, Fraudster and a Free Loader. Adrian DunCombe / PG Consulting LLC is very dishonest, unethical, immoral, has no common courtesy and respect and very unprofessional.On 5-6-18, Adrian DunCombe ( PG Consulting LLC ) signed an agreement (PO – Purchase Order) with my company to buy 250 Live transfers – Inbound Calls . On 5-9-18, Adrian Duncombe (PG Consulting LLC) paid my Company by bank wire transfer for the live transfers –inbound calls. On 5-18-18, I started to deliver the Live Transfers – Inbound Calls. I sent a total of 100 Qualified Live Transfers – Inbound Calls from 5-18-18 to 5-22-18. On 5-22-18, Adrian Duncombe (PG Consulting LLC) requested a refund . This is what my PO says:Money Back Guarantee : If Tesla Energy doesn’t deliver qualified Live transfers/ Posted Leads according to the client’s script and qualifying questions ,Tesla Energy will refund all money paid limited to this order | I asked Adrian DunCombe ( PG Consulting LLC ) Why ? And he said they weren’t qualified and he wasn’t making any sales. I said ok and I will do my due diligence and listen to the call recordings for the Live Transfers –Inbound Calls I sent him and I would get back to him in a couple of daysAfter listening to the call recordings, It turns out that every single Live Transfer – Inbound Call I sent him was qualified according to his script and qualifying questions. Adrian DunCombe bald faced lied to me by saying the calls weren’t qualified. He was trying to SCAM me out of my hard earned money.The reason why he wasn’t making any sales wasn’t because my Live Transfers – Inbound calls weren’t qualified. It was because he was sending 90 % of the live transfers –inbound calls to voicemail and wasn’t answering the live Transfers –Inbound Calls. Adrian DunCombe is a stupid Idiot!! He has no clue how to sell and how to handle the Live Transfers –Inbound Calls that he bought. That’s not my fault or responsibility.I called Adrian DunCombe on the phone and explained what I have found out by listening to the call recordings and told him I wasn’t issuing him a refund because all of the calls were qualified according to his script and qualifying questions . I gave him 2 options1.Continue with the Live Transfers – Inbound Calls and I will send him the remaining 150 Live Transfers –Inbound Calls he bought.2. Don’t continue with the Live Transfers – Inbound Calls and he will forfeit the remaining live transfers and the money he has paid for themHe told me he doesn’t want to accept any more Live Transfers –Inbound Calls from my company and he still wants a refund. (So he chose option one by default). I told him again I will not issue him a refund and that’s nonnegotiable. Adrian DunCombe went ballistic and became very verbally abusive, threatning and started cussing at me on the phone so I decided to hang up on him. He called me several times a day after that and he was still cussing and being verbally abusive and threatening. This lasted for several weeks. I finally got sick of the harassment and abuse so I ended all communication with him by blocking him on my phone.My advice to anyone reading this post , is to stay far away from Adrian DunCombe / PG Consulting LLC and never do business with him .You will regret it . Adrian DunCombe / PG Consulting LLC is a Pathological Liar, Con Artist, Scammer, Fraudster and a Free Loader.Here is all of his information :Adrian DunCombe PG Consulting LLC320 Heritage Isles Way , Bradenton , Florida , 34212Cell phone 1-314-258-0677Work 1-941-666-5096E-mail : [email protected]

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