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on 1-31-16 i placed an order but did not realize the company was a scam subscription scheem. i canceled the order immediately when i received the welcome email with the information that it was a subscription scam. on 2-1-16 I received a sorry to see you go email: __________________________________ Type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply jon xxxxSubject: cancel membership FEB 01, 2016 | 07:31AM EST Iulia replied: Hello,Thank you for your message! We’re sorry to hear you’d like to unsubscribe! Our VIP members are never obligated to order each month, instead, they visit the site between the first and fifth and choose to either shop or skip that month. There is no membership fee either.VIP members enjoy many perks and benefits ($10 off on every set, easy refund, payment vacation, etc), but we understand a flexible lingerie membership is not for everyone. Please note that we offer two payment options during checkout so if youu2019d like shop with us again, simply choose Pay As You Go for our one-time-option. To unsubscribe ONLINE from the VIP membership or learn more about the benefits of membership, please visit our online helpdesk ( ) and follow the instructions.Please be logged in when you use this link. You will find a quick quiz to see if you understand the membership, and then you will be offered the Payment Vacation. If you refuse you will be provided with the unsubscribe button and will receive a message that you have unsubscribed successfully. Unused credits will be forfeited if your Adore Me membership is canceled. Your account must be in good standing to be eligible to redeem your credits.We strongly suggest that you use your remaining store credit before you cancel your VIP membership. Best,Iulia ——————————————————Was this helpful? Click below to rate our JAN 31, 2016 | 06:49PM EST Original messagejon wrote:Cancel my membership. I did not know this site was a subscription scam. I do not want to see any billing on my card from your site. I have canceled my order. This message was sent to [email protected]in reference to Case #: 517148. _____________________________ Please type your reply at the top of the email… ADORE ME FEB 07, 2016 | 02:06PM UTC Thank you for your email. We have received your request and are working on responding to you as soon as possible. If you have any additional information to add to this case, please reply to this email.Thanks in advance for your patience and support. For your reference this is Case #: 538464 Support powered by Assistly And on 2-10[-16 they billed me! Credit Transaction Details: Reference Number: 6432487Billing Date: February, 10 2016Total: $39.95 I had to reuuest a refund for something I did not authorize!

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