Adelante Recovery Center – Poor Care – Complete Ripoff

My parents admitted me into a very expensive rehab center called Adelante Recovery Center. They paid the $15,000 up front so I had no choice but to participate. I did agree, to go to rehab, but I was unsure of this facility because they were adamant about pricing and I was not sure if they offered professional help. | I was required to do group therapy, individual sessions with the doctor, and undergo a full detox. At least that was what they told my parents that that was what they were getting for their money. All of that happened hardly if not at all.I saw the doctor every other week and he only spent about five minutes with me to see if I was in any pain. I know he prescribed several patients medication to help with that, but it seemed to be contradictory to me. | The group sessions were not interactive or friendly. The counselors in charge of the sessions let everyone hang around and do their own thing. It was never organized and there was never a schedule to keep. These people are far from caretakers. | They treated the patients here more like prisoners than recovering addicts. We were to spend most of our time in our rooms. There were only 2 hours of free time otherwise, throughout the day.I had a pretty miserable time here, and I do not think it was very effective. The only reason I was able to leave was that my parents only paid for the three months. Regardless of your condition, you have to pay to stay.

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