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Complaint: Addanyprojects is a scam. They promise leads and offer a refund if the leads do not convert. However, they would never give you any credit or money back if it doesnu2019t. Point in case: We purchased a lead but unfortunately it didnu2019t convert. Thatu2019s not a fault of addanyprojects. But they made us wait forever to credit the points despite of sending messages for several months. They even spoke to the project owner and were convinced that it didnu2019t convert. Yet they kept us begging. Called the owner several times, left Whatsapp messages, SMS, emails but nope this guy wouldnu2019t budge. Finally, we had to post a negative review and they refunded the money. Now, look at the messages this guy is sending (edited as it is profane): [email protected]#$f$#$# lift the call A#$#$# I will tell mkc What happened [email protected]#$$# [email protected]#$$ face See now I spread rumours on your company He even posted lewd messages on the FB page. We choose not to royally ignore this guy but it just shows the u201cprofessionalismu201d and also indicates how far this guy will go in life. Bottomline – Avoid addanyprojects as it is a scam.

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Address: 308, Sree Vensai Towers, NCL Colony, Kompally Internet India


Phone: 089788 82379

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