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I ordered a vanity from ebay that came from this company. I received it with the mirror broken. I requested a new mirror which took about a month for me to get. The mirror has three sections so they only sent me the middle section because that one was broken requiring me to assemble it once I got it. Annoying, but fine. I get the replacement mirror and that one is broken too. The person who dealt with me via email specifically told me NOT to request another replacement because it would cost the company too much for shipping and would take a very long time. She also told me that she could not guarantee that it would get to me without being broken. To top it all off, they began to bribe me. They gave me a 20% refund (which I never said I wanted) and said they would send me another replacement only if I removed the bad rating I gave them on ebay. I did not do that so now they are refusing to send me a replacement piece. They keep telling me to send it back, but I want the vanity and I want it in one piece.

4400 Temple City Blvd. El Monte, California USA


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By Ronald

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