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As with the other report on this site I responded to a FREE offer paying only shipping and handling. I have just received the sneaky second order $80+ for eyecream and similar to face cream. I do not recall entering into any auto shipment and I totally resent the scam that was pulled. The representative first tried me to give me his ‘staff discount’ which is less 50% and then when that did not work the offer was increased to less 75% as long as I am prepared to continue using this product. Needless to say I do not continue working with scammers – clearly this was a clever bait and switch scheme and I was one of the suckers that they caught. | Buyer beware – FREE is not FREE. It is ‘pay S&H so we get your credit car or bank info so we can continue to scam you’! Garbage!


Name: Adaptive LLC

Country: United States

State: California

City: Fountain Valley

Address: 16285 Harbor Blvd. Suite 508

Phone: 877-418-3084


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By Ronald

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