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A man named ***** **** called from Adams, Daniels and Associates claiming to be a litigation support specialist. He told me that I was being sued and there was a civil complaint against me. He had all of my personal information including my ss#, work, home address and credit report. He told me that I was going to be served papers at my work and that I would have to have my wages garnished if I didn’t pay $1300 today. There was a small debt of $200 from 20 years ago he referenced. Then he told me the suit would be dropped if I paid half, $662.45 today. He sent me a DocuSign via email which notes the pending civil "case". He told me that if I did not pay it he would keep harassing me at my job and have me fired. He also told me the phone call was being recorded and he would play it for my boss.

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By Ronald

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