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Complaint: This company ada or considered name pria has been sending me mailings for over 2 years now.i am a 29 year old female with all goo and well intentions to believe that these mailings held some truth.not only because of this company,but there are many others wo have even reached me from out of the united states and still i do not know how my name ever got into there computer mailing system 4 two years i could have done without the headache of these notices that carry major figure numbers that obliviously no one would pass up without thinking twice after ripping the mail up. Then comes the part of recycling..theres too much paperwork with very descriptive words that are sometimes strict and seemingly pertnent to the desire of actual winnings going to take place for the persons whos name is evident..not to mention the checks that are mailed that read donot cash in fine print. or the reciept of a bonded carrier going to bring you a package in the mail for a response of a 50$ fee..this is happening to me..there are way too many companies i mean from australia, china the netherlands and even an el gordo sweepstakes maybe all affiliated but i donot quite know.. i ve never won too much of in my desperate need to find refuge against my entire family whos left me alone in this world to manage and take care of myself without Any i me not ANY assistance,kind word or justly effort of the efforts to access my kind heart..they turn me out to intend bad intentions and thats jus not how i am.. i had seemingly took into consideration this may be a well as there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for jus cause..they even tell me its for me being a good U.S.A citizen and they know how hard ive been struggling..also psychics and people who claim to have clairvoyance has tried to contact me..those results lead to an end..they ask to send you a report of a year to tell how your day is suppose to go..and that was hard to believe.. They even said things in there letters that related to the family issue that occured and would say someone a celebrity spoke to them and asked if they could help them help me..with too intent to have claim to knowing of riches that abound for looking forward to hearing from someone to see what i can do! I ve been sending money cash and money orders..its a loss cause i really wanna win and will participate in any action lawsuit that will help me to live out a dream of my mind that with these large dollar amount has made me feel like i can be more special than now..and i want to.. thank going to stay in touch!

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Address: 527800 miami, Florida United States of America



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