Acquired Insights- Gary Melling & Tracey Fieber


Complaint: BEWARE ALL!!! Gary melling and tracey fieber will hire you to bring them funders and people to use their technology and once they have the funders contact information, they will try and cut you out of the deal. They were formally in another company CIQ and resigned because I brought them a funder and they wanted to go around me and not pay me for my contact so they set up a new company Acquired Insights with the exact same everything- business plan, people, website (slight changes visually), technology, etc. Gary Melling is a snake of snakes! Do not let his smooth talking fool you. He will try and cheat you the first chance he gets. I introduced him to a contact that I have worked with many times in the past and even though Gary Melling and I had signed a legally binding contract he did not want to honor it. He wrote the below email thinking I would never see it: FW: Lengthy call from Bruce late this afternoon From: Gary Melling Sent: November-29-17 6:51 PM To: RJ Ferguson ; Tracey Fieber Subject: Lengthy call from Bruce late this afternoon Bruce called me and we chatted a terrific call that lasted for well over an hour. Bruce insists we will not be paying Sarah, he said that he would take care of her as far as a commission goes, in his words “what Iu2019ll pay her is more than reasonable for a f* name and telephone numberu201d. In Bruceu2019s words

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Address: after hearing that she wanted to double dip he said in no uncertain terms that she was aware of that previously and that she was trying to play both ends against the middle and that he isnu2019t greedy

Website: a company that makes high end software gaming equipment – heu2019s going to see if he can include me in a call with Tan

Phone: doesnu2019t do business that way and wonu2019t do business with people who act like that. Bruce and Sarah have no history so her presentation of who she represented she is and how well she knew Bruce were totally misrepresented. We also will not be giving Sarah equity in CIQ because of that false representation. Once we have funding we should reimburse her for her flight

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