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Complaint: Stay clear of ACN and especially the William’s family Matt, Kyle and Cindy. They are a mother and sons trio that will say anything to get you into the business so they can keep your $499 that ACN refuses to refund. The products are a RIP off and xoom energy the supplier for your gas and electric is higher than the utility all the time. They try to claim that they have the best rates in the business and they never do, but hey they will pay you 1% of it 6 months down the road if you can get enough people to overpay for their services tricking them into thinking they will save if they sign up as your customer. Where the company makes the most of its money for the IBO is in your $499 startup fee which is why they are so aggressive in getting you started. Cindy is a mastermind at getting you to sign her paperwork immediately after her meeting with you at your home with all your credit card information to make you feel as if you are already a part of it when your are not until you pay. They promise this crazy amount of money in their presentation that you can start making in the first few months and it’s a “residual”” income….YEAH if you keep bringing people in and ACN gives you a cut of their $499 start up fee for all who join. If you truly understand numbers

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Address: it won’t take long to see how this company works and if you are a part of the Williams organization you will quickly see how fake they are in caring about you as long as you are showing up and putting people in because that’s how they survive. The residual part of it can take years to put together with the little amount they actually do pay. The William’s family is a bunch of drunk a*s liars who are overly aggressive in their presentations and scare away the people who can read right through them from the very start. Both Kyle and Matt show up to their team meetings during weekend functions so drunk they can hardly stand up with mother Cindy as more of a high functioning alcoholic throwing the drinks down and kissing all the men on the lips as she says hello to them

Website: 5832 FRANKLIN TRAIL Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio United States

Phone: it’s disgusting. They are great at pretending to be your friend and “”care”” about your future just to get your money and everyone you know so they can continue their lifestyle. Both Kyle and Matt still live at home in their 30’s with their father. They have no bills

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