ACM Capitals Review: An Awful Forex Platform


A crypto and forex investment nightmare, ACM Capitals is the latest platform to rear its ugly head. Our investigation reveals a huge problem emanating from the platform’s withdrawal process. What most users are going through with Acmcapitals is unforgivable. That’s why we must expose the rot happening on To add salt to injury, the platform lacks clear compliance and regulatory status. Investors are depositing in a risky platform. Read more on our detailed and transparent ACM CAPITALS Review.

Before signing up with any investment platforms, make sure they meet acceptable standards. The platform has to be fair and transparent in the services they offer. You must invest in a platform that has been tested and already proven to work. That’s why you need to sign up with dependable investment platforms. These platforms come highly recommended by experts and the trading community.

About ACM Capitals

ACM Capitals Review

ACM Capitals claims to be entirely built by industry professionals with multiple years of experience. According to the about us page, they came together with a common goal. The goal was to serve clients with utmost professionalism and transparency.

That’s not what they bring to the table; we have seen numerous complaints from members. Most of the complaints center on the platform’s inability to release funds. When it matters, the platform goes dark and relays information to members.

Imagine having deposited with the platform, making winning trades, and fail to withdraw. That’s the story of most members. You, too, can become their next victim if you fall for their sleek website and industry jargon.

What we have is a detailed review of why ACMCapitals is a dangerous investment option. Make sure to read it through and get to see the red flags your eyes won’t probably catch. That’s why we are here, to protect investors from rogue investment platforms.

Accounts and plans ACM Capitals

There are four accounts to choose from, with the standard going for $10. The premium account has a minimum deposit of $50,000 and targets institutional clients. There are no bonuses or commissions on any account.

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Mini Account

It’s the most basic account and comes with an introduction call by a specialist. You also get access to a variety of big assets. There’s a 24/7 support feature which we will explain is not available later on.

Gold account

With the gold account, members have to deposit $2,500 and get one tailored made education session. You also get a 5 percent reduction on spreads and swaps.

Platinum account

For the platinum account, the platform demands an investment amount of $10,000. You get access to copy trading, managed portfolios, and robot trading. And this is the first account that offers robot trading, meaning they offer EA services.

VIP account

To start using the VIP account, you must deposit $50,000. For account features, members must contact account managers for it.

Account managers

ACM Capitals Account Types

Although the platform claims to offer account managers, there’s a glaring issue. No one gets to know who these account managers are. You only receive a call from them asking for a depository amount.

We don’t know the professional levels of these account managers. For all we know, they could be hired, call agents. The reason we see them as call agents is that’s all that they do. Call you to ask for more funds with the assumption you have the chance to win big.

ACM Capitals Compliance, License, and Registration

ACM Capitals is not a licensed entity and does not have any oversight from the Financial Conduct Authority. With the platform claiming to reside in the UK, we had to check with the FCA for clarification.

The FCA vehemently denies knowing or licensing the above platform. ACMCapitals is working under pretense and does not offer any safety net to investors. And this concludes our investigation.

Once you deposit funds to this platform, regulators won’t be able to protect you. That gives the platform leeway to act in any manner they deem necessary. Some of the trading conditions are harsh, including the refusal to give proper information.

There are huge risks involved in signing up with unregulated platforms. The platform hides this information for a reason. We believe is an offshore investment platform targeting European investors.

Business owner

From their contact page, we can see the company claims to reside in the UK. What most don’t see is the lack of clear details as to who owns or runs the platform. There’s not a single mention of anyone working under the platform.

And this points to an anonymous investment platform. These are the hard risks investors should avoid when making a decision. An anonymous investment platform is likely a short-term website. They will close the shop when things start going south.

Contact and support

To understand why we see this platform as a risk, there are no contact details. They leave their contact details with a XXX sign. The Company’s address is XXXXX , the support is xxxxx, and the phone number is +1xx xxxxxxx.

What this shows is the platform doesn’t plan or want to share their contact details. They are hiding it for a reason. No one wants to get exposed as being a member of an online forex investment platform.

Domain records ( review)

The website has been running for over two years and doesn’t have a license. As we publish this post, the platform is 872 days old. The registrant organization is listed as Storm Complex Ltd. Their IP location is surprisingly in California.

Another red flag is the server used to host the website. The server has been used to host other forex investment scams over the years. We believe the website is under the same ownership as other online scams.

Features of ACM Capitals

Advanced trading platform

ACMCapitals Trading Platform

ACM Capitals claims to have an award-winning investment trading platform. You don’t need to download or install it, and it’s a web-based platform. They claim the platform offers speed and ease of use.

From what members say, it’s the opposite. The platform is slow at executing trades and doesn’t offer any added advantages. When it comes to trading, we recommend using MT4, MT5, and SIRIX trading platforms.

Assets on offer

ACM Capitals is offering forex assets which include Crypto and other underlying assets. From the disclaimer at the footer of their homepage, the platform plans to offer crypto-assets. They fail to mention currency pairs on these assets.

FAANG stocks are available on the platform. You will also find bonds, energies, indices, metals, and shares of leading companies. The only problem is you won’t get to withdraw even if you make profitable trades.

Payment options

Most of the members used bank transfers, credit, debit, and wire transfers. It comes as a surprise that they fail to mention their deposit or withdrawal channels. As of now, we are in the dark whether the platform allows crypto deposits.

Withdrawing funds is the single biggest problem facing members of ACMCapitals. None of the members has been able to withdraw funds since inception. Those that have done so are the ones with low withdrawal quotes.

It seems possible to withdraw $500 or less if your balance is more than $2,000.

Safety of funds with ACM Capitals

There’s no safety of funds with a platform that has no oversight. The platform does not offer insurance cover for deposits made. Without security cover for deposits, you stand losing all your funds.

Bottom line Features

We couldn’t possibly recommend this platform after seeing what others are going through.

What we can do is recommend transparent platforms that enjoy the backing of the trading community.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or leave a comment.

Are funds safe with

The platform does not have any oversight, and funds are not safe

Can I contact support directly

No. they hide their phone number.

Is there a safety net for deposits made?

The platform does not insure funds.

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