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On 7/162015 I contracted ACI construction to replace and install an entire roof on my home and repair slight damage to the siding on one side of my house. The damage was due to the high gusts of winds that we were having. Numerous companies came to my home trying to get me to commit to using their company. Apparently it is quite common and very annoying for companies to drive around neighborhoods and look for damage to homes after storms. In my opinion these companies are all seeking to gain a large sum of money from your insurance company and really could care less about the quality or completion of work once they get paid. ACI did put a new roof on my home however NEVER fixed the siding. Now due to the high winds we are having that small incomplete job of siding has turned into a quarter of my siding now blown off. | When i contacted the general mgr – Brian Thomas he stated the folllowing. He said my deductible was $1000 and that because I put their sign in my front yard that they deducted $500 from the down payment. To my understanding this is insurance fraud. Secondly he said that the money that was paid to him by the insurance company to fix the siding he used to cover the remaining $500 of the deductible and that he has no intention of fixing the siding. I am writing to report this scam so that hopefully your can make the people in columbus aware of this situation. We are once again entering into the storm and high wind season. Hundreds of people in columbus are going to be placed in the same situation I was in a year ago. We need to informthem of the scams that take placeby these so called credible companies. I am begging for your assistance in bringing awareness to this type of fraud.


Name: ACI Construction

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Canal Winchester

Address: 10311 Slough Rd

Phone: 877.407.8676


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By Ronald

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