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Complaint: Acer has to be the most unscrupulous and customer gauging company I have ever dealt with. I purchased my Acer Aspire U5-620 on February 14th, 2015. Less than 2 months later the touch screen stopped working. First I went to the Acer website to see if I needed to update a driver or something – nothing – your support website is pretty much useless. I finally had to call Acer support organization and after having to call back at least 4 times the only thing your support team can say is to “Restore”” or Refresh”” your computer and loose all your installed programs. When that doesn’t work I’m told I have to send in my computer to get a driver updated. Really this is your response => send us your computer so we can update a driver – come on. Then I’m told I have to pack the computer as per your 4 pages of instructions. Seriously – all the other computer companies I have dealt with send you the box to ship it in so they can be assured it will arrive safely. In other words they take responsibility for their products and actually want their customers to be satisfied and happy with their products. Why doesn’t Acer do that ? Well I know why now. So you can blame your customers for damage they didn’t do and charge them for repairs. I was told I didn’t pack it properly and there is an “”internal”” crack in the LCD. I packed that computer exceeding your instructions using bubble wrap and Styrofoam but it’s still my fault. I now have to pay $400.00 to repair a computer that I have had for less than 90 days because your internal driver cracked due to my not packing properly. This is just an Acer scam u2013 sell poor quality products and make the consumer pay for any repairs regardless of whether you have owned the computer for 1 day or 1 year. Acer does not stand behind their product quality. Buyer Beware u2013 if you have any problems with your Acer product (I guarantee you will); Acer will find a way to falsely claim u201ccustomer induced damageu201d and you will have to pay for any reapirs.”

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