ACE Hardware – Susan Smith Rialto California Review


I would just like to say that there is a reason ACE could never be as good as Lowe’s or Home Depot. Simply put, the owners of each store and the high managers hire people from within their family and crap on the others, more so if they are not white. nI was part of the opening team for the ACE Hardware in Phillips Ranch, CA. The store opened its doors in March of 2004, but I along with 7 others had setup the store from the ground up since December of 2003. We worked hard hours putting up store fixtures, stocking, training for customer service and store operations. Each full-timer was promoted to lead each department in the store. nThe manager didnt hire anyone else until mid-January,2004. These new hires were mostly high-school kids who would cashier and stock, and a couple older people who wanted part-time work. No problem. nWell, one fine morning in mid-January, our manager comes in with a new employee by the name of Susan Smith. She introduces her to the group and we all meet her. She instantly comes off as mega-bossy and overly hyper. Like she tweeks or something. All the employees notice and most are bothered by her attitude, especially us full-timers who were there from the get-go. nAnyway, a week later, the store manager gathers us full-timers together along with Susan Smith. They both announce that Susan is married to the OWNER of that ACE store- Mr. Simon Smith. nFrom that point on, everything changed. We were treated so poorly and eventually that treatment went solely to the Latinos that worked there, which were only 3 out of 18. Like she was weeding out the Latinos. (Also, note that there were never any BLACK employees there, even though I personally saw at least 7 apply. And Susan is white and Simon is black.Go figure. But they aslo hired two relatives to work there also, beating out others who needed the jobs more.) nTo make a long story short, Susan made my job a living hell. She talked bad about me to others, she harassed me and made fun of my work. Before she came along, I saw myself being with this company a long time and I loved my job. It was so unstressful and I liked the power I had as a department supervisor. But she RUINED everything. nEventually I got so fed up with the harassment and nepotism, I quit by the time summer came around. I have never been so stressed out by a supervisor at any job. I recently went to visit the store and saw no original employees there except one old rich man who started there after my promotion. And the place looked like a dump. It looked like the 99 cent store. nYea rightnCorona, CaliforniaU.S.A.

4 Village Loop Rd. Suite H-12 Phillips Ranch, California U.S.A.

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