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On Sept 9, 2010 Ace Air sent 4 techs to my house to install a new heat/AC unit. On Sept 10, 2010 my husband, Bill, discovered that during the installation a line to our alarm had been cut. He contacted Ace air and the installation manager, Claude, said they would reimburse us for the repair.n nI returned home from work later that day and discovered that I was missing several jewelry items and a watch case containing 6 to 8 watches. nI called Ace Air, it was after hours on a Friday evening, and I had to demand that the dispatcher have a manager call me. The install manager, Claude, called us back. I informed him of the theft and told him I was calling the police. I asked for the names of the techs sent to our house. He knew 3 of the 4 techs sent and gave me those names. He apologized and said they would take care of us. nWe made a police report listing the many items we found to be missing. nBill called Ace air on Monday 9/13/10 and spoke to Claude the installation manager. Claude said that he spoke to all four techs and sent them all home for the day. He stated “I have my suspicions as to who did this”” He said he would cooperate with the police. nAt this time there was still some outstanding work that needed to be completed from the install. It was the 21st of September before we could reach Claude again to schedule the work. The work was inspected and finally completed within the next 8 days. nOver the next few weeks Bill periodically called Ace to find out the information from Ace regarding their insurance company and bonding company because we wanted to make a claim. If the calls were answered we were refused the information. Most of the time the calls were forward to Claude’s voicemail and then never returned. nWe did not hear from Ace until December 13th

2010. We received a call from Jeannie from Ace finance department. She left a message regarding the balance due for our installation. Bill called back

got voicemail for Jeannie and told her we were still waiting for resolution from the theft that occurred at our house. nOver the next 2 months Bill would periodically call to ask for the insurance company and or bonding company so we could make a claim. The iformation was not ever given to us. He asked to speak with the owner so we could find out if he was aware of the theft that occurred in our home by one of his employees. This was also refused. nOn Feb 18th a female employee of Ace called us inquiring about the balance due. Bill informed her we were still waiting to hear what they intended to do about our stolen property. She was told to talk to Claude about it and have them let us know how we were going to be compensated. She stated that she was unaware of any of this. nOn March 25th we received a call from Nikki from Ace Air demanding payment. I called her back on March 31

2011 and informed her that we were not paying for the balance due until they resolved the theft from our home. I told Nikki that we had been very patient and just want resolution so we can move on. I asked for the insurance company or bond company information again and she told me that it was up to the police to handle it for us. Nikki is obviously not well informed. nI personally know that the police will only investigate criminal acts. They will not pursue restitution or civil claims such as this. nWe had every intention of paying for the balance due on our account and in fact have the money to do so. We just don’t feel we should have to pay them as they owe us far more than we owe them. nThey never reimbursed us for the repair to the alarm either. I have to question whether the cutting of the alarm wire was accidental or if the thief had intentions of coming back. nI would strongly urge anyone using Ace Air to be sure that none of their employees are ever left alone where there are valuables. nLastly

one of them went through my underwear drawer. Yuk

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