ACE 1 Properties Indian Trail North Carolina Review


Beware of Cameron Ellis of ACE 1 properties!!!! After responding to an ad for land for sale I met Cameron and followed him to the “lot”” that he had for sale. I was looking for my mother and after bringing her back a plat map and pic; she decided to make an offer. We were faxed a contact (supposedly from an attorney’s office) and she filled it out and returned the contract by mail. Mr. Ellis then contacted us for a good faith deposite on the cotract/plot. He was asking for close to a third of the total cost which looking back

probably should have raised some flags. I thought that I’d done my homework with a quick google and BBB check. I could not find any complaints filed against this company so we proceeded. Mr. Ellis deayed closing dates for months with varying excuses. A call to “”his”” lawyer revealed that not only had they not drawn up our contract

they had not seen or done business with Mr. Ellis for months. When confronted with my concerns Mr. Ellis stopped all communication and ignored all future calls and emails. He has since been arrested for multiple returned/fraudulant check charges but has yet to be held accountable for his realty scheme. This guy knowingly swindled a disabled widow out of her like savings!!!!! PLEASE BEWARE….”

1805 Northlake Drive Anderson, South Carolina USA

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