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Complaint: I should have known better, but I was new to the business and got taken. Just about a week after receiving my NSA cert this past June, I received a call from ACCURATE NATIONAL SIGNINGS. They were so professional and polite and offered $85 for a signing. I was eager and willing to please. I didn’t think to check on their reputation or ask questions about their company…I just wanted to work. The signing assignment well with no issues. Thrity days after this assignment, I emailed Michelle. I asked when I could expect my payment check as my other SS had already paid for assignments that had been done before the one I did for ACCURATE and also offered to funish them with more information if my initial info wasn’t enough. Michelle responded with a short and curt response…”It takes 30 to 45 BUSINESS days for payment.”” Wow…ok…thank you. There was no

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Address: “”How are you doing?”” or sorry it’s taking so long

Website: I emailed a reminder notice and received a delivery delay message. I got anxious and called the phone number

Phone: or some other personable message

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