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In June of 2016 I purchased a crate motor from Powertrains Direct, a sister company of Accurate engines. I had the motor installed at the local Dodge dealership because they are a trusted company in the area. I picked the truck up in early July after they had completed the motor install. I noticed right away that the truck was lacking power but I just figured it need to be broken in. The truck wasn’t used much and after about 5000 miles I really noticed that the power was dropping not increasing. I took it back to the dealership to have them look to see if it was a transmission issue and they couldn’t find anything and they recommended another shop for the transmission. I picked the truck up and drove it to another shop and asked if they could find the problem. The next day they called me and told me it wasn’t the transmission but that the motor was shot. | It wasn’t making the compression it needed to do to 70% blow by. | I called Accurate and they said the motor was still under warranty and to have it removed and sent back to them for a look. About 2 to 3 weeks later a new remanufactured crate motor arrived. Well I thought it was remanufactured. The mechanic from the shop called me and told me the motor had arrived and that they would start the next day on intalling it into my truck. The next day they called and said that they needed to see me at the shop because they felt the motor had issues and they wanted to see me before installing it. I left work and headed there to see for myself. | After arriving at the shop the mechanic took me into the bay and showed me the motor and I couldn’t believe the shape it was in. First thing he showed me was milky oil with metal flakes in the oil pan that he removed. He said that shouldnt be in there and he also stated that the oil pan gasket was still siliconed to the block and also the oil pickup line was filled with foreign debris. He then showed me water in the block behind they cylinders. Next he pointed out that none of the cylinders had been honed because most of them had gouges and scratehes in them. Last but not least all of the cylinders had been sleeved at some point and time. | I then got on the phone and called Accurate Engines and they sent my call to Lanny, this man is a real peach. I started to tell him some of the problems with the engine and he told me to send it back. I kept on with the list of problems and he told me the mechanic didn’t know what he was talking about and to send the motor back, at my cost of course. I then handed the pone to my mechanic and he told Lanny the same thing so Lanny hung up on him. I repeatedly called the company for another two weeks and so did the mechanics shop and calls were never returned. I wanted them to pay for the return of the motor but I eventually had to pay for it and I had to order a new crate motor from another company. This one was in perfect shape unlike the other two from Accurate. | Now here’s where the rest of the fun begins. I’ve made over 15 calls to the company trying to get them to honor their warranty and I have yet to recieve a call back from the in over two months. I send Brittney a copy of the invoice and I talk to one other person and they said they had the returned motor but no refund in site. No one works in the warranty department and they know that but they are just stringing me along. I’ve talked to numerous people thru social media and they are having the same issues. There are even sites that have been created to try and stear people away from these guys. The Better Business Bureau is a joke and these guys know that. They also know that because most of there crate motor are sold out of state that it’s hard to sue them for costs. | The owner of this company is a flat out crook, swindler and a thief. He’s hurting hard working families and he doesn’t care.


Name: Accurate Engines

Country: United States

State: Michigan

City: Grandville

Address: 2840 Dormax St SW

Phone: 6165312050


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