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Tom Bass is a rip off artist. He is rude, unprofessional and worst of all, does not properly prepare taxes. I drove an hour and a half to meet with him. We sat for an hour and I explained exactly what I was looking for and what I needed. He assured me over and over that he had the best interest of his clients at heart. I clearly stated that I wanted him to be the person to work on my taxes and not be passed off to anyone else in the company. He assured me that he would handle it all personally. I also made clear that I needed my taxes completely done and filed by a certain date because I would be headed out of town. Once again, he assured me he would take care of it. And he insisted on full payment up front. That should have been a red flag. | Weeks go by without a word. I leave him messages and emails to check in and see where everything stands. I never once received a response. One week before the date we agreed to, I call his office yet again and am again ignored. I call again and again. Finally I get an email back from someone named Joe who said he was doing my taxes. Not what Tom and I agreed to! 2 days later I get the return. In going through it, I find quite a few expenses that they neglected to include as well as a number of other errors. I call the office and demand to speak with Tom Bass. After being put on hold for 45 minutes, he finally gets on the phone and is extremely nasty and demeaning to me. He tells me if I have questions, I should take them up with Joe. When I remind him that we agreed that he would personally prepare my taxes and that Joe was making mistakes, he became extremely abusive. I go back to Joe and point out the issues I find. He agrees to amend the return. When I get it back, I notice that another big deduction is missing. Has to be amended yet again. Then it gets filed because I am out of time. Weeks later I get a letter from the IRS. Apparently there are all kinds of issues with my return – which I have never had before – and they all stem from my taxes being figured out incorrectly. Now there are underpayments, penalties and other issue of amounts that are off. | I called Tom and left a message. No response. I email him, no response. I called again and again and finally after another long hold get him on the phone. He comes out swinging and is horribly rude and verbally abusive. These are mistakes HIS office made. And now I am in trouble with the IRS!!! They simply just take your money. They are NOT knowlegable on taxes. They don’t know what they are doing AT ALL. And in the end cost me thousands of dollars. Do yourself a favor and NEVER EVER EVER use this company. They will create a world of pain for you that will take years to repair.


Name: Accountable Solutions

Country: United States

State: California

City: Costa Mesa

Address: 3151 Airway Ave F109

Phone: (714) 241-0188


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By Ronald

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