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Complaint: As a former telemarketer for the agency I know first hand that this company is all big scam ! I was instructed to tell people anything they wanted to hear to get them to come in for an interview. We would tell people to come in, pay $80 for training and we would then find them a job immediately. We would tell people they would start working within days of their interview, and that they would be making between $10-20 an hr. After the people came in for the interview, our supervisors would then tell the people that the $80 was only their deposit and they have to a remaining balance of $220. These people would pay all this money and would not be placed at any jobs, just sent out to fill out applications in which they could have done without paying all this money. Even as an employer, I was scammed. I was only payed 1/4 of what I was suppose to be paid. This company is an overall scam, do not fall a victim to Access Global Security !

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Address: 330 West 38th Street Suite 205 New York, New York United States of America


Phone: (646) 438-9202

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