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The correct name for this joke of a school should be Academy of SUCKERS!!! I took the Web Designer course, when I first went to see about the course I made sure to ask if the course teaches ASP, PHP, Mysql and how to build shopping carts and I was told it did. The course teaches NOTHING about ASP, PHP, Mysql or how to build shopping carts. If you take this course all you will be able to do is build personal sites. Anyone thinking about taking a Web Designer course I would suggest you look at NAIT, the course covers everything you need to know to build websites for a living and it’s half the price. The course Academy of SUCKERS offers is 100% online and the staff in the school don’t know anything about the course so if you have any questions or problems they can’t help you. The course NAIT offers is in class and the instructors there actually know how to build sites and can help you. Don’t waste your Money going to Academy of Losers. When I took this course I had problems getting a website to display correctly in IE on the computer I was using, it would display correctly of a different computer, when I talked to Academy of Losers IT person his solution was to use Firefox instead of fixing the computer, when I was using FireFox it wouldn’t play the video’s on the courses website, this time the IT guys solution was to use IE. Well when you are trying to build websites you need to make sure it works correctly in all the browsers not just some. Academy of Losers flat out lied to me about what all was covered in the course, they didn’t tell me it was 100% online until after I started the course. This place is the biggest JOKE of a school. For $15, 000.00 I expect to be taught everything I need to know to build website professionally not just taught how to build a personal site. A person can lean more on youtube than you will at this JOKE of a school. Save your money!!! Don’t waste your time!!! If you are looking at taking any course from this JOKE of a school the BEST thing you can do is check out your local Community College, they will likely have a better course for a lot less money.

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