Abraham Locust Review


Abraham Locust Jr, yes,he is a man who lives in Vian Oklahoma. This jerk is really nice when people first meet him, he manipulates them into thinking that he truly cares. But after people show him kindness and hospitality and run their gas out taking him everywhere, he offers no gas money and if somebody needs something from him, he stingily tells them no. | He secretly gathers information on people, then reports them to Adult or Child Protective services or the cops. When somebody calls Abraham on his BS, he then immedialtley plays the victim and reports them to the cops and seeks frivilous protective orders, and claims he did nothing. | The sad truth is that he is a professional victim who thinks the world owes him everything.What we all should do about this guy is to tell him no if he needs a ride, and not tell him anything about ourselves. He is a two faced liar and a toxic individual who loves spreading around false stories. Avoid him like the plague.


Name: Abraham Locust

Country: United States

State: Oklahoma

City: North of City Vian




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