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Complaint: This so called company claims to be of service to help individuals in need of legal services in family court about children involved in custody agreements as well as protective orders that have been filed against a parent to prevent them from seeing their child or children unlawfully. They ask you for a 98.00 membership fee and claim for that fee that they will be there at your disposal at all times day or night and they will do all the necessary court paperwork and filings in a timely fashion. You will be sent a rough draft of any legal papers for your approval before sent to the court and filed. They claim they will do anything they can to help you with your legal case and will make sure you will be able to see your children again and even claim so in God’s name and claim to be Christians. Once the fee is paid thats when they tell you that you will have to pay an additional 990,00 to get any help or copies of paperwork they will be doing on your behalf. They flat out lie to you to get you to give them your money and they use the Lords name to do it. They truly are despicable. They refuse to refund any monies you have paid. They are deceitful from the very first phone call. They should have been shut down a Long time ago. I will post and post and post to every board online warning parents to stay away from these people and do not pay them a dime. They are the worst kind of scam artists. Taking advantage of parents and exploiting your children and God in the process. Do not trust them and spread the word to any parents seeking their help to run not walk away from these scammers. They are just evil to do what they do. They have a D rating with the Better Business Bureau. I should have done more research before trusting them. Now I’ve spent money that could have gone to a lawyer to help my grand daughter out of a dangerous unhealthy situation. They truly are the devil reincarnate

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By Ronald

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