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Complaint: The contract summary on the website lists the standard provisions that most kennels use when selling a Corso. Laura refused to send the entire contract until AFTER receiving $500 non-refundable deposit. Her contract reads more like a lease, listing many ways that she can repossess the dog that she “sold”” you. She also voids her health guarantee unless you feed the dog a specific brand of supplement and feed a certain type of food. She also voids her temperament guarantee unless you buy a specific training video from her. In spite of being warned by other breeders and her status as a suspended breeder by the International Cane Corso Federation

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Address: we had already paid the deposit which she refused to return and could not find another pup that was the age we wanted. We should have forfeited the deposit and waited. She tried to sent he puppy to the wrong address. She still has not sent a paper copy of the contract with her signature and only sent the digital copy after being reminded to do so for more than a month. When the 5 month old puppy arrived

Website: but is slow to fulfill hers

Phone: it had spaghetti-sized roundworms and had not been properly socialized and had only received the DAPP vaccination (in spite of her assurance that it had been properly vetted and socialized). It took 4 months to get an application for registration from Pacifica Cane Corso (remember we bought the dog from About Time Cane Corso)

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