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ABC Marketing contacted me via phone to advertise in a local publication called Luxury Living of Birmingham. It was supposed to be distributed at several high-end golf country clubs, and I was immediately pressured into buying a $300 quarter page ad.Before buying, I researched online where I found many, many bad reviews and scam reports. I did, however, find a few positive reviews. So I did my own research and called all of the country clubs in my area, and asked if they receive and distribute this publication – the answer was a universal NO. Several clubs told me they had taken many phone calls like mine, asking about it – that they never have, and never will give that out to their members.Later that afternoon, ABC Marketing called me again to follow up and get me to buy an ad. I told them that I had called the local country clubs who didn’t know anything about the publication, and the sales rep immediately hung up on me!Huge scam that really does look and sound legit if you don’t research it. These guys need to be stopped!

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By Ronald

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