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BUYER BEWARE –In October of 2011 I hired Wayne Peavey, D/B/A Abbotshire Plumbing & Heating LLC, to install a washer/dryer hookup ($700.00) and to remove an existing shower and replace it with a new shower ($1260.00). This was a rental unit and tenants were scheduled to move in within a week. After three days, Mr. Peavey informed me that he had finished the w/d hookup except he needed to add the vent to the dryer which, he would get to before the stackable w/d unit was delivered and installed by Best Buy. Mr. Peavey moved on to the bath room where he removed the shower, as well as, the flooring and toilet (which were not part of the proposal). He said he would be back to finish the work when the special order 32″shower was in but it had already been 2 weeks and it was still not in. Interestingly enough

I had seen a 32″” shower at home depot

when questioned he said that wasn’t a good fit for my unique bathroom. My 32 inch special order shower finally arrived! Mr. Peavey brought it to my investment home but

he chose to open it outside stating that there was more room outside then inside. It was a very windy day and as a result

the wind took the shower unit out of his hands and dropped it onto the cement severely damaging it. He said he will have to special order another one but needed me to pay for it since he didn’t have the funds and that his supplier wouldn’t warranty a unit that he damaged. In the interim

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