The Owner name is Dominic Arjonilla. They keep switching the company name once it gets blogged to much. There phone numbers they switch once a week. The company is registered under A.D. and associates in california. They keeps switching names once one gets burned, they were Allen Dawson & associates, and now Abbot Dean and Associates. They were originally Williamson Morgan and associates 302 s miliken ave ste Ontario, ca 91761. But they keep switching suited now they are at 320 s miliken ave ontario ca 91761 in the suite right on the corner. | But they still pay there employees out of Williamson Morgan which is setup through wells fargo bank. They have dialers who call you saying your being sued and they have documents to serve you. That way you call in scared and the closers pick up and try to say they are sueing you. All the debt is out of statue of limitartions so they legally cant file anything, Its just to scare you into paying. 9668 Milliken avr ste 104-243, Rancho cucamonga, ca 91730 is the po box at UPS store, which goes back to the owner of this company. | They run your debit and credit payments under First Quality Financial and Southwest Financial. If you contact the ladies at 302 miliken ave Ontario CA 91761 1st Choice Staffing they will give you all the information on them. they even gave me a previous employee phone number which has been very helpful. They are all drug addict smoking weed in the office and doing speed and cocaine and scamming thousands of people out of there money.



Country: United States

State: California


Address: 9668 MILLIKEN AVE STE 104-243

Phone: 866-617-3082


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By Ronald

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