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My boyfriend and I got together April 3rd 2014. He moved in a couple weeks later. We both have been through divorces recently and got hurt. so we connected very fast. He always talked about this girl that would show up where ever he and his coworker was eating lunch and she would pay for their lunch. I had a weird feeling about her from the beginning. I found out that she was his coworkers ex/roommate and they have been on and off for 8 years with a kid. Two months into it he started locking his phone which was weird because he never did that and if he did he always gave me the code. He started texting her alot and I didn’t even know it at the time. She completely knew about me! And his coworker was his best friend. He started texting me less through out the day. He became very distant and went as far as to tell me he was just depressed and need to see his counselor. on a Sunday morning he hopped out of bed out of no where and says he going to see his counselor. I don’t know about anyone else but here businesses close on sunday. He told me he didn’t love me anymore. So I told him to leave. They slept together twice. All the while he was goin back and forth with me. He would get back with me for two weeks making promises then leave again. I was finally giving up. But in July he finally got his head on straight and ditched the side chick and we are stronger than ever and that’s because of God we are very active in the church and he never leaves my side and reminds me every day why he is in love with me and not that whore who goes around sleeping with other people’s men!

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