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My husband comes home for lunch and out of no where looks guilty which isn’t typical and my immediate reaction to read his phone text brings me to a conversation between him and a woman from his work leading them to a hotel room where they work together. I contact her and she informs me their in love. My husband begins a long journey of denying to me that they ever acted on a too friendly relationship that he doesn’t have time for when he’s at work. The woman contacts my husband to the point where we block her incoming messages so she learns to spoof every call and text. This goes on for about a year which includes Christmas time when I find presents wrapped in cupcake wrapping (her nickname cupcake) coincidently she bought him the exact same things as I did. Her birth day is one day apart from mine only she’s much older. Come the day this woman”hacks” his account and does real time changes to our iPhones my husband makes the poor decision to prove he’s not with her she is crazy the whole blame on the chick thing and his passion drives him to instill this into me in the worse way. I leave him. I move into an apartment where I stay for over a month while he’s begging me to come back. After an attorney and some really long talk I decided to believe him that she is crazy. One day before my birthday (remind you her birthday is the day before mine) I intercept a call from her to him and she tells me over speaker phone she is pregnant. My husband finally stops tormenting me by saying,”I need your help. I can’t do this on my own.” later that translates to he tried dumping her a few months before she screams pregnant and was upset with him so the”stand by your man” begins. || He begs me to be grown about it and help him raise this baby. The woman falsely accused my man and the embarrassment from telling his boss alone devastated him like karma does and it makes me furious to let her get away with fully accusing him and faking a misscarriage. With prove might I add from the Google search image she copyrighted for a sonogram and further detecting the ultrasound being borrowed off a sound web sight from a pregnant woman that she forgot was shown publically. The daily torment that she brings me from endless emails convincing me they are together and my worth being none I have spent one year two months and few days trying so hard to ignore and let it go, but it’s hard because I’m expected to believe him now after I did the first time only To be let down horribly. Contacting her husband helped for a moment until she called his warrants into the police and now I’m back to continuesly replying stop contacting my husband. Oh and did I mention I’m accusing her of putting me on Craigslist giving my personal information that lead to 209 men in my zip code area wanting to meet me for unmentionable reasons and sending nude pictures. Once improve it was her I will feel better until then I am scared out of my mind. In conclusions I did learn from her husband she did this once before and if what I’m told is true she only tells me these portraits of their love and doesn’t interpret the situation the same to employees they work with. The end… NOT.

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