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My husband cheated on me. Awhile back he cheated on me with a woman. Like an idiot, I got back together with him after several months. This time, he cheated with a man. Or many men. I’m not sure.He has called a dating line called Megamates periodically through the years. I thought it was for women. Turns out it was probably always for men. You think I would have broke up with him after the first episode of cheating. I didn’t. I believed his lies. You think I would have left him after repeatedly finding him calling Megamates. I didn’t I believed his lies about that too. He said it was strictly for fantasy and nothing more. Yeah right!! || Lately, I grew suspicious by the way he was acting. I thought he might be cheating again. I called Megamates. First I searched the Men seeking Women part. Nothing. On a hunch I searched the Men seeking Men part. JACKPOT!! There he was in all his gay glory. I would recognize that voice anywhere. He changed his name. He said his name was Derrick, he was a bottom looking for a quick fling, he liked giving oral and was looking for a top!! OMG OMG OMG. To be sure, I called his cell phone, disguised my voice like a man (or at least tried to) and asked if this was Derrick. He said excitedly,”Yes it is!” I felt like puking. I asked a few more questions and he grew suspicious. I used my normal voice and called him out. He hung up on me. He also texted me and said he was never going to talk to me or our autistic seven year old son again. Way to go Dad. Punish your son who is an innocent victim because I found out you were gay. || I’ve only now known for a couple of days. He has never denied it. He can’t because the evidence is irrefutable. We had a texting war last night. Still didn’t deny it. He had the nerve to say it’s no wonder he married me (with his taste for dudes) because according to him, I LOOK LIKE A MAN. lol. Too bad I didn’t have the male genitalia he was looking for. || I have nothing against gay people at all. I have an enormous problem with people lying, betraying, and deceiving somebody for years on end. He put me and my life at risk. I know have to get tested for STD’s because he put me at risk without my knowledge or consent. He has been living his life on the”down low” for I don’t know how long. Having relationships with women while secretly having sex with men on the side. || Please text him at (phone number removed). You can shame him. You can have sex with him. Your choice.

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