Aaron Dishon: Corrupt, HIV positive attorney. Irvine California


Complaint: Aaron Dishon: Corrupt, HIV positive attorney. Beware of this creep attorney. I was Michelle’s close friend when this perverted attorney was married to her. Poor Michelle was putting up with his cheating on her with various prostitutes. Michelle has forgiven him over and over and after he took her for granted and kept on cheating on her he divorced her. What a jerk!! Now even prostitutes won’t have sex with them because he is HIV positive and his reputation in the prostitution community is very bad. Be careful with this corrupted, filthy and disgusting creature. In addition to being a dirty dishonest person on the personal side he is an extremely dishonest, unorganized and creepy attorney. My friend paid him $10,875 for a custody case and all he cared about was to collect more money. He is an extremely unprofessional attorney. Every time he left him a message Aaron gives the message to some flunky secretary or his unprofessional partner Carrie Block at Dishon & Block to return the call. After leaving several messages for him, my friend finally got a call back from Carrie not Aaron and all that she discussed with him is how he can pay the bill. Aaron is all about money, prostitutes and sex. He doesn’t care for either his family, kids or his clients. He pays people to bury his bad reviews and complaints and optimize his reputation online so he can project a perfect image which is completely false. He is a disgusting human being. Don’t trust him with your children’s future, he did NOT care for his own children, family and his own clients. Do NOT hire him.

Tags: Lawyers

Address: Irvine, California USA

Website: www.cadivorce.com/

Phone: (877) 615-6620

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By Ronald

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