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Complaint: My transmission on my 1994 Blazer broke down in Amarillo Texas when I was traveling from Arizona to Chicago to get back to school. They said it would take 3 days to repair so I left it there and asked for the old parts. After 3 days, it was not ready and I had to rent a car to Chicago to attend classes. The following week, I had to drive back to get my car and they did not have the old parts. The total cost of repairs was $2,320. The receipt had scratched out numbers and did not total up. Material costs were itemized as: Hard parts $300, Converter $200. but the total for parts is written $850. Under service description column,the parts is written in as $350. The warrenty charge is shown as $460 for 36 months and also $750 for 12 months. When I complained, they said I authorized the repairs over the phone. Randy Palos Hills, IllinoisU.S.A.

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Address: 5032 S. Western St. Amarillo, Texas U.S.A.



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