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Complaint: May 2001, I paid $2,200.00 for a rebuilt transmission and $200.00 in car rental fees, returned my car three times with problems with the transmission, well my transmission went out May 2002, Aamco towed my car in for service, I rented a car and waited 2 days, no car, they had to order parts, day 3 part defective, day 4 they had to order the tool to put the part in , day 5 part defective, day 6, waiting for new part, day 7 car will be ready tomorrow, day 8, car will be ready tomorrow, day 9 part defective, day 10 waiting to order part, day 11, waiting for part, day 12 waiting for part, day 13 waiting for part, day 14 waiting for part, day 15 car will be ready tomorrow, day 16 car will be ready today. When asked will Aamco pay for part of the rental, I was told no, read your contract, that’s the 36 month warranty. I explained that it is not my fault the car was not fixed properly last year and I returned it 3 times and now I have to wait 15 days and you won’t pay for part of the rental, sorry mam read your warranty, Aamco does not pay for car rentals. Bottom line Aamco, does not hire qualified technicians to repair certain cars, they order cheap parts that are defective, you only get good customer service when you initially bring your car in, (they are all smiles, will offer you the world and set you up with a rental agency, they offer you no sympathy or empathy when you have to wait, they are impatient when you call in to inquire about your vehicle and they need to be shut down. Avis Gardena, California

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Address: 14160 Crenshaw Blvd. Gardena, California U.S.A.


Phone: 310-327-2123

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