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Complaint: WARNING : THESE GUYS HAVE NOT GOT ANY INTEGRITY, THEY ARE CROOKS. I am writing this to try and prevent anyone else being treated as badly as i was. My Toyota 4Runner 2004 145000 miles needed to have the engine replaced unfortunately. I had just put new tires on it and replaced the stereo. It was worth $500 when it wasn’t running properly which is why I decided to go ahead and put in a “reconditioned”” engine. I went to see my mechanic

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Address: a reputable shop who has worked on all my vehicles for 20 years. As soon as the engine was installed I noticed a tapping sound

Website: told Josh that my mechanic had thought it may be the lifter noise. Josh was very defensive and told me the mechanic didn’t know what he was talking about and should lose his license as there are not any lifters in the engine. He then condecendingly said I should have read the small print as it was in black and white that they warranty the engine and not the labour. He also said

Phone: usually worse first thing in the morning but noticeable throughout the day. I returned the car to my mechanics four times over the next 3 months to try and locate the problem. They told me after putting the car on the rack and checking everything they had done to eliminate any human error on their side . They also took off the belts to see if it was linked to the water pump or anything. I then contacted Josh

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