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I purchased three WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – WordPress Plugin’s from Codecanyon.com over the last two years because I am an Amazon affiliate and was looking for a way to propagate my website with Amazons products. | With these plugins comes three months of support. After the three month period is up there is an option the buy and extend support package. That said I started having trouble with the plugin right out of the box but it was a simple fix at first. | As you might know with all WordPress plugins they frequently and continually update the plugins to coincide with the latest WordPress update. Well after one of the latest WordPress and subsequent plugin update the add to cart button and the checkout button used to purchase items from my site and redirect a buyer to Amazon.com to finish their purchase stopped working and started to render this error | “Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WooZone as array in /hsphere/local/home/c69568/memoriesofbikeweek.com/wp-content/plugins/woozone/lib/frontend/frontend.class.php on line 1117 “ | This also started just after my three month support ran out for the last plugin that I purchased and Codecanyon changed their support to AA-Team a software support company. | So needless to say I purchased the extended support package and opened a support ticket. I informed them of the issue, gave them all the FTP and admin information giving them access to my site and waited. During this time the support team sent me a reply stating that I had given the wrong FTP info. That was incorrect I had given the correct info. Any way I didn’t respond fast enough to their response and they closed the ticket. | So had to open a completely new support ticket expressing my displeasure asking for them to either fix the issue or give me a refund. This in itself was the first sign of a lack of interest on their part that would continue until this day. | So the next response I got from the support.aa-team was that they could not recreate the error within their server. All they had to do was go to my website memoriesofbikeweek.com and try to purchase something and the error would recreate its’ self. | I know, long story short. So I created a video outlining and showing the error in real time. I posted it ti youtube and responded to their response. youtu.be/6m6ubA4fe0c. | So their response was, “Here is a copy of the latest update please update your plugin to the update”. I did and it didn’t’ fix the issue. Again I responded that is was no help. | So by now I again expressed my displeasure. And again I got the please give us your FTP and admin login information. | I could go on with this for 4 or 5 more new support tickets that I have had to initiate on this problem but I am sure you see the pattern form this company. | As of today I have lost thousands of dollars because no one can be redirected to make the final purchase. I have not received a refund nor have they fixed the issue. It has been two weeks since I was given a link to their latest update that didnt’ work and I responded to them. | This company Codecanyon and AA-Team are a ripoff. Be warned if you are planning to start an affiliate business as an Amazon affiliate do not buy this plugin. It doesn’t work right and they will still your money on their support extension.


Name: AA-Team

Country: United States

State: Alabama




Website: www.aa-team.com

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