AA Auto Protection – Auto Insurance Scam

The way that this company is operating is very strange. I signed up with this company online. They did not send me any information on my warranty until after I put my deposit down. I received the information pamphlet and it stated that they do not advise checking your car in after your warranty takes effect. It did not make sense to me at all. I need to take my car in for maintenance and to have belt fixed asap, so I called right away. The salesperson on the other line was insistent that I wait until I had an extended warranty set up before I went in so that I could get better coverage. I asked him about it and he said that I could start it that day if I put $500 down. I refused to give them more money, I asked for my money back altogether because I need reliable coverage without the surprises. He said that he canceled it right away and would send me a refund. It has been weeks and I have not received a refund, what’s worse is that I noticed that my account was charged again. I have been on the phone again and again, trying to get my money back. Worst insurance company ever.

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