A to Z Renovations – Poor Workmanship

I hired A to Z Renovations to redo our kitchen and bathroom. I was considering having them knock out a wall and expand our master bedroom as well until I saw their quality of work and their lack of expertise. They did a horrible job! Their onsite construction workers failed to adhere to my directions and specific needs for the kitchen. They put the island in the wrong spot, they laid the tile in the kitchen that was meant for the bathroom, and they left broke half of our cabinets before they could even be sanded down. That does not even include what went wrong in the bathroom. We were forced out of our home altogether because they ruined the plumbing system and it had to be shut off for a week. I was afraid to even come home and see the results. Let’s just say I should have left it as it was if I knew how bad a job they were going to do. Hire more qualified people, NOT A to Z renovations.

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