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I was told that I could get government funds that wouldn’t have to be paid back. I was told to give my name,address, email address, and they would run my name to see if I was eligible for the funds. Then they told me I was approved after that then I had to choose the amount of funds I wanted to receive. Then I would have to send what I thought was the only fees I had to send they require at least fees from processing , delivery, custom clearance, and this driver that supposedly working for FedEx was to deliver the package to my home he told me all type of lies to have send money . I truly believed that this was true because a friend of my said her friends did this and got money. He kept saying your package is on it way I still have yet to see this package he took me and my friends money and we had to send Mooney payment on an Amazon gift card I told I was not sending any more money and he said the driver from FedEx was in an accident then he said We had to pay hospital fees for the for the driver to save his life I said no more then he said I had to pay that fee to receive my box he kept saying pay the fees I said no money is leaving my hands I was done with that all I want is my money which was plenty. Please help me with this situation.

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By Ronald

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