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Complaint: Look, I thank you for even taking the time to read my complaints first of all; But on November 24th, 2014 my oil had been delivered by the driver Bob at 9:08am. I was told this three days later when I called in because the heat was still bloowing cold and that was what the Superior Heating Company rep. stated. So I found out I had oil on Wednesday 26th, 2014. I then hung up with the Superior Heating Company rep. and called A & M, my property management and I left a message but did not hear back that day so I asked my case manager to call them and have then get the heating working; the A&M called me back and said the heating guy was on his way. Te heating guy came and wanted me to keep the heating systems on but I told hi its blowing cold air and the gas smell is too strong and he got angry and said “I’ve been doing this for twenty years

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Address: I know what I’m doing”” This man name was Jack and his number is (315)xxx-xxxx. He tried and could have killed me and my children. I did not know what was going on because my kids and I have been so sick and these fumes are probably from them spilling oil during them syphying my oil tank. My five year old & one year old hav been vomiting and I have been so sick and dizzy

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