A-440 Pianos, Inc. Review


He lists differant pianos on craigslist with the same photo. He told me the piano I was interested in was at his house but he couldn’t send me any pictures of the actual piano. This is because the piano doesn’t exist. He wants me to drive an hour and a half to buy a piano that he won’t send me photos of & he can’t send photos because…It’s not really there…Not for the price he advertises. A kimball Baby grand for $950 with a beautiful finish& recently tuned. This is why he uses the same photo for every post. The photo isn’t clear enough to see the brand or any other detail. Sometimes you just get a bad feeling about someone & I was right about him.


Name: A-440 Pianos, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Lilburn


Phone: (770) 717-8047

Website: www.a440pianos.com/

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By Ronald

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