3pd east peoria Illinois Review


i purchased appliances and 3pd is the shipping company hired to deliver, at first all was well, the order made it to des plains il quickly, but there it has sat for over 2 weeks now. i was assured the delivery would be friday the 20th between 1-3. my husband took the day off to recieve the delivery. 3pd called at 3:30 to say driver was running behind 1 hour.. this happens. they then called back at 5:30 to say they wouldnt be able to deliver that day… my husband told them he wanted this delivery to be there no later than saturday the 21st. they said ok. they then called back at 6:30 and stated the couldnt deliver before wed. the 25th, unacceptable. after questioning the person on the phone, we find out the order is still in des plains, more than 2 hours away.. this is blatant lying, and we dont understand why..

atlanta, Georgia United States of America




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